Transformative Learning

In Essense of is about bringing likeminded energy workers together to provide transformative learning to help you problem solve and find purpose or to clarify your purpose and give you the tools and the courage to go outside your comfort zone to become the authentic you without the baggage from your karmic past.

We offer a number of Services to expand your consciousness and bring about a new you thought changing transforming:

  • Pellowah Healing
  • Pellowah Workshops 1 and 2
    • Arbah Healing
    • Codes for change and Acceleration 1 and Acceleration 2
    • Past life Assimilation Technique
    • Crystal Healing
    • Aura Readings and Colour Therapy through Ar


Pellowah Healing                                 | 60 minutes                          |$ 90

Pellowah 1 Workshop                         | 6-8 Hours                            |$200

Pellowah 2 Workshop                         | 6-8 Hours                            |$200

Codes of Change 1 Workshop            | 6-8 Hours                            |$200

Codes of Change 2 Workshop            | 6-8 Hours                            |$200

Spiritual Development Circle            |$10.00 per session

Aura Readings                                      |Photo only $50.00

|Photo and full intuitive Reading Report $100

Arbah Healing                                      |30 minutes    |$90.00

Past Life Assimilation                         |30 minutes    |$90.00

Spiritual Mentoring through Art       |price will depend on program and materials