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Hi Everyone

pink rock candy3

Introducing Pink Rock Candy

Sorry I have been a little quiet, my day job that I use to pay for my pleasure has prevented me finishing something I have been working on. Pink is the new red so they say so it is the first in a series I will be called Rock Candy. I hope you like it and it reminds you of the lollies we may have grown up with, for those of you who are too young maybe it will bring a new glow to an old sweet. As always I am working to achieve the alchemy when you bring mediums together to create their own life I think you will agree that this definably has its own life.


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We are currently busy setting up our retail shop… launch will be the 1 May 2015. We are just waiting for our product design to be finalised. We will be launching the mixed mediums we will be using in our creative workshops. We will also offer classes for those who are interested in getting in touch with their inner heart or for those who want to create something special to complement their living space.

Our classes will be mainly be teaching techniques so you can be as creative as you like or we have creative ways for those who feel they need a little help.

We believe that everyone can be creative and produce something that they can be proud to hang on their walls or give to someone special as a gift. We believe our art is addictive, once you start and see how easy it is… you will be hooked like we are.