I have collected some information that might interest on making skins. I love making skins as part of my flow process this is what I have learnt this far.

1. THICKNESS:1/32″ or 1 mm to have a viable skin. Twice that to really ensure their skins won’t rip or deform much. To ensure no crazing don’t go any thicker than 2 mm in a single pour.

2.DRYING: To avoid cracking, don’t use heat to speed up drying time. To avoid the skin being cloudy ensure you have a constant room temperature for the drying.

3. SIZE: When you go larger with skins, the most difficult issue to manage is the unwieldy nature of a large flexible film that will permanently stick to itself if you are not careful. Unless you have a helper, make sure you give it a few days to cure enough for the back side not to be too tacky.

4. SECOND LAYER: If you do a second pour over a first, make sure you give it a good long cure first (a week perhaps depending on humidity) or you may get cracking in the top layer of skin.

5. BASE: Just make sure that your plastic sheeting is not acrylic and you will probably be fine.

Polyethylene is good and inexpensive or wide rolls of thermal laminating film. Comes in rolls of 48″ wide and a variety of thicknesses. SEE:

NOTE: Pour on the slick side, it works really, really well.

6. MATERIAL: I use pouring medium and acrylic with a radio of 1:1. I Also add material to it.

Someone suggested that vapour barrier (which is made of polyethylene) used for drywalling homes works perfectly for an absolutely smooth surface.

It was suggestes that silicon sheet would work, but they can leave a pattern behind. It Peels off really easily, but the paint resists too much and will separate.

Note: Silicon is good to cover your work surface the dried epoxy peels right off.

YOUR BIGGEST CHALLENGE: Lifting the Skins without having it turn over on itself and sticking. I haven’t tried baby powder or anything, because I haven’t figured out  the logistics. You might need help to lift it first of all good luck.

Looking for inspiration why not google ooiring medium or skins on utube.