Example on how to create a landscape.

No this is not resin. It is what I think is the prelude to resin. For a lot of artists and people who draw, they find resin a bit free flowing. Yupo allows you to practice and create without the added expense mess of resin. I will over time show you how easy it is to create and get control so I put some examples on here to demonstrate this work… have a go .. I teach this fool proof great art process so that you can get in touch with your inner child. I will be organising classes so send me a line if you are interested. We are in Melbourne and we will be holding small classes and these classes can lead to resin technique classes if the group want to learn.

Below is a 5 stage process:

1. Decide on what you want to paint, Draw it on or use a light box

2. Mask up

3. Background colours

4. Mask off and add depth

5. Finishing touches

Landscape stage 1landscape stage 2Landscape Final

landscape2 stage 1landscape 2 stage 2




















I hope you enjoy, such a relaxing way to spend some of your time ….

2 thoughts on “Example on how to create a landscape.”

  1. Bravo! I like your work. I am a student of watercolors and appreciate the time, practice, patience and craft involved in your offerings here. Thank you for sharing.


    1. Hi Gerry C

      Thanks for that, watercolour? have you tried it on YUPO paper, it is my other fav medium. I use various medium to get the alchemy of the paint to come through the painting and I use this when I work with resin also.


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