FLOW art

I believe it is the true form of Alchemy.

The skill of bringing colour and viscosity together in synergy and having the strength to walk away and let the outcome be what it will be.

That does not mean that you can not play and interfere with the flow or manipulate with a second coat.

It just means you dont own it until it is dry, it has its own free will that should be embraced.

Afterall what is the worst that could happen, a bit of paint wasted often the greatest mistakes give us the greatest insight to our greatest works.

I use a number of methods to get the creativity moving.

Take Yupo paper and flood the page with alcohol then add Ink and move them around until it dries. This can also be done using watercolours and water or both.

You might like to try a dirty pour. This is where you mix acrylic paint or Ink in separate cups, adding an additive such as pouring medium and water to the mix. Then combining colours into a single cup and turning the cup onto a canvas.

You might like to just take the individual cups and run them on the canvas.

You might even be bold enough to lightly swipe those colours across the page and watch the alchemy.

So update, I have learnt that viscosity means that some of the paint has to sit lighter on the board or canvas than the others so that the heavier paint suts to the bittim as the lighter colours come to the top forming cells.

So far I have learnt that either titanium or mars black are paints that will be heavier than say a fluoro colour.

Go for it,experiment, you will be hooked like the rest of us.










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