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Busy Busy Busy but no output worth posting but soon.. all good things…

Hi all,

Have been busy these past weeks. Entered an Art Exhibition “A4 Exhibition” at Herring Island in Richmond. It was interesting, artists were limited to an A4 sheet, somewhat hard for me … anyway 3 or the 4 works have been sold so I was grateful and hope the new owners are happy.

There is another exhibition coming up so I’m busy working on producing something.. again the size is limited to 30cm square… I have finished the first piece and have another drying between layers once it is done I will post here.

Works on the go include another triptych, similar to Gardens of Babylon… just waiting for layers to dry so that I can begin the final coats… so you see busy but no pictures…  Just to top it all off I’m also working on a few course offerings I thought I would teach the magic of yupo and resin to others none of this basic stuff I think the techniques should be shared. I learnt by trial and error, lucky I didn’t burn the house down or kill the animals with the hidden fumes…. or is that why the fish died mmm. Well there were a few high moments if you know what I mean… just cant seem to keep the mask on… so restricting .. all created on my kitchen table lol.

Their are some out there that think they own the rights to resin painting here in Victoria Australia … a funny bunch indeed. Isn’t resin like oils, acyclic and watercolour it is just another avenue for us to create from the heart.. if you want us to stop using the product best stop the makers from selling it… now that is never going to happen .. capitalism is alive and well here in Australia lol Have a great week of creating… I have to work this week so not much to create … but then again … I am sure I will be creative lol

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Hi Everyone

pink rock candy3

Introducing Pink Rock Candy

Sorry I have been a little quiet, my day job that I use to pay for my pleasure has prevented me finishing something I have been working on. Pink is the new red so they say so it is the first in a series I will be called Rock Candy. I hope you like it and it reminds you of the lollies we may have grown up with, for those of you who are too young maybe it will bring a new glow to an old sweet. As always I am working to achieve the alchemy when you bring mediums together to create their own life I think you will agree that this definably has its own life.


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We are currently busy setting up our retail shop… launch will be the 1 May 2015. We are just waiting for our product design to be finalised. We will be launching the mixed mediums we will be using in our creative workshops. We will also offer classes for those who are interested in getting in touch with their inner heart or for those who want to create something special to complement their living space.

Our classes will be mainly be teaching techniques so you can be as creative as you like or we have creative ways for those who feel they need a little help.

We believe that everyone can be creative and produce something that they can be proud to hang on their walls or give to someone special as a gift. We believe our art is addictive, once you start and see how easy it is… you will be hooked like we are.

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Have been resin painting for 18mths, self taught, thought I needed to go along to a class to see if I was doing anything wrong LOL. The class and instruction was great even learnt a few things like how a burner can get bubbles out of resin, you can mix colour together and pour on your board, you can in fact use board covered with canvas to create your work, I even learnt how to estimate how much product I needed for the size of the board and that working with resin on humid hot days what not a good idea. It is all relative, I don’t like using a burner so I don’t, my work is rarely flat anyway, I like using canvas as it is pliable and anyone who has resined on a hot day will know the pitfalls of not having the aircon on .. the course did give me one thing .. the confidence to continue with what I do .. break all the rules and test the limits and have fun with the medium. So my boring single layer purple, aqu and white painting is now  a colourful multilayer landscape below because I came home broke the rules and created from the heart and you can 2. Some say you cant control, maybe you don’t get full control … but you can get to understand the different mediums and how they interact and the effects they give to make your unique work. I was told yesterday that resin artists are not a friendly bunch… and from some of the press I have seen there is a particular artist who believes that their work is being copied. Isnt that the greatest compliment ? We all look to others works, nature etc for inspiration but every piece of art is original as we put our own spin on it, I understand that it is a business but it is also a love and we all need to sell our works to enable us to make more art. When I said it was a relatively new medium someone pointed out to me that it was around in 1990!!!! well in my book that is new isn’t it? for art. What will sell your art….Marketing …getting out there and getting noticed… someone will always be trying to cheapen this art form…. let me tell you it is not a cheap form of art …. hence the price of the work .. but it is addictive so enjoy as much as I do. My tip of the day to those who do not want to use a burner……. use a spray bottle with acetone in it and when you put your resin on spray lightly over the bubbles and the bubbles will come to the top and bust. Careful not to use to much … now isn’t that a better way to get the bubbles out… thanks to WWW.


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Well fellow artists today was a productive day, if you look under White Owl Artistry you will be able to see some of the latest pieces I have been working on. If only I could get the photograph to show the essence of the piece, you only really see its true self when you see it in the person so for that I am sorry. The paintings are multi dimensional and it is hard to get real character of the piece, I will just have to work on that a little more before I set up the online store… more of the boring things to do and less of the creative.

I have just finished another triptych called “dragons Breath” I will load within the next couple of days and when I do I will talk about its creation.

A lot of the paintings are small samples I have found I use less product if I trial a few things first to see that sort of effect I will get and then if I like it I will create a bigger piece… mind you that is the perfect way to go about creating my resin art but more often than not I jut start with something and I keep changing the piece until it tells me it is finished…. I can then tell you it is TIME TO WALK AWAY FROM  THE PAINTING as it is a short stoke away from disaster if you don’t …. but hey its an adventure….. a journey and then isn’t it all experimental anyway?

I hope to show you the start of a painting and then the end so you can see … nothing is as it seems and nothing starts the way you would expect the end to be … that is the fun part. Anyway time to go do the boring things in life….