Intuitive Aura Reading

All living things give off energy. The aura of energy that surrounds us holds certain characteristics which reveal much about our nature, our mood and state of mind, our future, and our past. Auras are closely-related to the concept of chakras, which originated in Dharmic traditions. Auras may contain a single color, they may be multicolored, black or white, large or small, and have many variations depending upon the person, their mental state, their history, their innate psychic ability, and so on.

Your aura naturally changes over time, and it might even change multiple times per day in dramatic ways, particularly if you are affected by acute emotional changes. As an example, red colors dominate the auras of some people, and this can mean that the person is well-grounded, rational, physically competent, healthy, prone to anger, and so on—red auras indicate root chakra activity. At the other end of the spectrum, someone who is surrounded by violet or indigo energy tends to be very spiritual, has innate psychic abilities, is closely connected with the spirit world, has a powerful imagination, or tends to fantasize and not focus on the physical or real world.

Your aura says much about you, and can reveal the state of your spiritual health we use our aura reader to help you connect to your spiritual side and track your progress.


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