In Essense Of

Capture the essence and spiritual energy of your loved one with this beautiful keepsake.

Our Artists have come together to create beautiful tactile bespoke pieces of Art to hold cremation remains, to enable those who have suffered lost to have a small token of their loved one near.

Working with you and the source energy or “Qi” we are able to create a special something to keep your memory safe.

These pieces are an energy infused matrix made of resin, metals, powders and crystals solidified together using resin. They help raise the vibrational frequency and clean out negative energy in your auric field to enhance love and harmony in your universe.

We use crystals as they are like living beings. All crystals used in our pieces have been cleansed with source energy to enhance the standard Orgone.

Our beautiful bespoke pieces are designed to sit on a light source, on a mantle, table or where ever you wish to display your one of a kind piece.

They look great in the light of day and can take on a beauty of their own after night fall. The light casts a shadow to reveal their inner beauty reminding you of the one you hold dear, enabling you to celebrate and memorialise the life of your loved one.

Orgone Pyramids

It was believed that the pyramid preserved “Ka” or “Qi” energy that allowed one to be happy and vital in the afterlife. The shape of the pyramid is designed to evoke the rays of the sun streaming between heaven and earth. The creation of the pyramid takes in the essence of the seven heavens as it refers to… Continue reading Orgone Pyramids

Orgone Orbs

When we pass over it is believed that our body goes back to the earth but our essence lives on and takes the form of an Orb. Inspired by a dear friend who loved to capture these orbs on her camera, these sculptures represent our Orbs. They capture the essence of your loved one. They… Continue reading Orgone Orbs

How to Order

To place an order,  let us know of what item you are interested using the form below. Our Artists will then get in contact with you to discuss your personal requirements to ensure that we capture the true essence of what you would like us to create. When you place your order with us, we will… Continue reading How to Order