Hi All,

I have taken my finger of the key and been busy with paint ink and resin… running a few classes … they are growing and fun is being had. It takes me away from the main stream but I think I need it to get into the creative space as the day job is a little bland.. now before those of you who know me complain… it isn’t the people ….. its the numbers lol.

Below is what I have been working on:

bianca2 coco2

I have just about finished this resin piece

Blue Nebula 2015

and I am working on this piece now, trust me the finished piece will bear no resemblance to the start and this is the start lol

current work unnamed

It is over a metre long on linen so the piece above is only a small part of the whole… still working through the logistics on how to get what is in my head onto the canvas making the least amount of errors and wasting none of the paint… never going to happen. I start then the paint does its own thing and I have to start planning all over again just as well I like the challenge and the alchemy of this process.. Warning doesn’t suit someone who likes to paint by numbers lol cause the numbers keep changing and I just keep my toes crossed that it will get there in the end … don’t you?

Oh… I also purchased a Icarus paint board … so looking forward to playing with this … will post the outcomes when known… have fun painting ….

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