Vickis-Horse-1 I have been so buy working on my resin work I have neglected to finish anything new so I felt it was time to try again representational art this time with one of my favourite subjects… very pleased with the outcome working with ink and yupo paper is a trial and error put I do like the outcome. The horse: I created multiple wash on the paper let it dry and then used freehand to draw a picture, I then used ink to enhance the horse and pen to finish. Now the tiger below I used making fluid to block out colour after drawing the tiger onto the white paper. I then washed the paper let it dry and took of the making fluid and finished. I think the horse is a better way of doing it so I might try doing the tiger again using the above method and reversely try the horse again using the tiger method… experiment…experiment is the key don’t you think … it is helping me get my mojo back with regard to drawing….I know practice …practice … if only I had the time to practice lol  enjoy

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