Hi all,

Been busy getting ready for upcoming exhibition at Piece Gallery.. so excitingSoulful JourneyFlow of Life- the feminine Journey

Flow of Life – the Feminine Journey is a triptych that depicts the life force. The circular curves represent the feminine form  while the lines represent the life force. Much the same as the life force you find in you hands. Hold you hand up and take a good look at it. You will see lines running up and down your fingers these are energy lines the more you have the more energy or life force you have.

The feminine essence ebbs and flows glistening like energy moving through life. The repartition order and harmony while the colour givers the attributes of vibrancy,healing passion and fertility. The dominate colours of blue show life’s order, while the silver is the very essence of the feminine form being mother.

Soulful Journey- is my view of a whimsical journey as  a soul leaves this plane to enter the next. You will see if you look closely that there are small beads that show the souls moving upward into the sky while the plants just move in the breeze and the butterflies sail upwards with the precious souls of life signifying the ceremony some of perform when we have lost someone.

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