rock spirits2Rock Spirits 3

Creators Besides Blue nebula I have been working on 6 small works for another Art Show in Fitzroy at the Brunswick Street Gallery. Each piece had to be no more than 30cmx30cm.

Some I already had and I created a few more to complete the story I wanted to tell. Rock spirits ( above) I wanted to experiment with layering the figures between the layering of the resin the result although I don’t know if you can see it is ….. the figures lay into the work and you only really see them when you walk towards it from the side, interesting effect that I might explore further.

Autumn Rain below.. again I moved away from the way I usually work with resin, it has only one layer of resin… I used wet medium to get flow and allow the alchemy of the paint do the work, added some sparkle ( a girl can never have to much sparkle)  and layered  with resin… probably commercial application … but not the intricate depth I like to get with resin…. it is all about getting the art out there and seeing how it plays out… 

Autumn rain

Then I added a few resin layers to work I have already done as they were not smooth, I like using modelling paste etc and it can lead to ridges and spikes, on the one with flowers again I trapped ink pen to get a further dimension… it is all about experimenting to get that effect… chasing the effect that places it apart from other works lol..I must say it is hard to get the camera to tell the real story of these paintings .. take coral sporing… (greeny one) it looks flat but in the right light the gold shimmers through… such a great medium for the eyes… a feast for the eyes I think lol enjoy

summertimeuniversal chaos

Univeral WonderCoral sporing

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