Busy Busy Busy but no output worth posting but soon.. all good things…

Hi all,

Have been busy these past weeks. Entered an Art Exhibition “A4 Exhibition” at Herring Island in Richmond. It was interesting, artists were limited to an A4 sheet, somewhat hard for me … anyway 3 or the 4 works have been sold so I was grateful and hope the new owners are happy.

There is another exhibition coming up so I’m busy working on producing something.. again the size is limited to 30cm square… I have finished the first piece and have another drying between layers once it is done I will post here.

Works on the go include another triptych, similar to Gardens of Babylon… just waiting for layers to dry so that I can begin the final coats… so you see busy but no pictures…  Just to top it all off I’m also working on a few course offerings I thought I would teach the magic of yupo and resin to others none of this basic stuff I think the techniques should be shared. I learnt by trial and error, lucky I didn’t burn the house down or kill the animals with the hidden fumes…. or is that why the fish died mmm. Well there were a few high moments if you know what I mean… just cant seem to keep the mask on… so restricting .. all created on my kitchen table lol.

Their are some out there that think they own the rights to resin painting here in Victoria Australia … a funny bunch indeed. Isn’t resin like oils, acyclic and watercolour it is just another avenue for us to create from the heart.. if you want us to stop using the product best stop the makers from selling it… now that is never going to happen .. capitalism is alive and well here in Australia lol Have a great week of creating… I have to work this week so not much to create … but then again … I am sure I will be creative lol

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