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Have been resin painting for 18mths, self taught, thought I needed to go along to a class to see if I was doing anything wrong LOL. The class and instruction was great even learnt a few things like how a burner can get bubbles out of resin, you can mix colour together and pour on your board, you can in fact use board covered with canvas to create your work, I even learnt how to estimate how much product I needed for the size of the board and that working with resin on humid hot days what not a good idea. It is all relative, I don’t like using a burner so I don’t, my work is rarely flat anyway, I like using canvas as it is pliable and anyone who has resined on a hot day will know the pitfalls of not having the aircon on .. the course did give me one thing .. the confidence to continue with what I do .. break all the rules and test the limits and have fun with the medium. So my boring single layer purple, aqu and white painting is now  a colourful multilayer landscape below because I came home broke the rules and created from the heart and you can 2. Some say you cant control, maybe you don’t get full control … but you can get to understand the different mediums and how they interact and the effects they give to make your unique work. I was told yesterday that resin artists are not a friendly bunch… and from some of the press I have seen there is a particular artist who believes that their work is being copied. Isnt that the greatest compliment ? We all look to others works, nature etc for inspiration but every piece of art is original as we put our own spin on it, I understand that it is a business but it is also a love and we all need to sell our works to enable us to make more art. When I said it was a relatively new medium someone pointed out to me that it was around in 1990!!!! well in my book that is new isn’t it? for art. What will sell your art….Marketing …getting out there and getting noticed… someone will always be trying to cheapen this art form…. let me tell you it is not a cheap form of art …. hence the price of the work .. but it is addictive so enjoy as much as I do. My tip of the day to those who do not want to use a burner……. use a spray bottle with acetone in it and when you put your resin on spray lightly over the bubbles and the bubbles will come to the top and bust. Careful not to use to much … now isn’t that a better way to get the bubbles out… thanks to WWW.


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