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Well fellow artists today was a productive day, if you look under White Owl Artistry you will be able to see some of the latest pieces I have been working on. If only I could get the photograph to show the essence of the piece, you only really see its true self when you see it in the person so for that I am sorry. The paintings are multi dimensional and it is hard to get real character of the piece, I will just have to work on that a little more before I set up the online store… more of the boring things to do and less of the creative.

I have just finished another triptych called “dragons Breath” I will load within the next couple of days and when I do I will talk about its creation.

A lot of the paintings are small samples I have found I use less product if I trial a few things first to see that sort of effect I will get and then if I like it I will create a bigger piece… mind you that is the perfect way to go about creating my resin art but more often than not I jut start with something and I keep changing the piece until it tells me it is finished…. I can then tell you it is TIME TO WALK AWAY FROM  THE PAINTING as it is a short stoke away from disaster if you don’t …. but hey its an adventure….. a journey and then isn’t it all experimental anyway?

I hope to show you the start of a painting and then the end so you can see … nothing is as it seems and nothing starts the way you would expect the end to be … that is the fun part. Anyway time to go do the boring things in life….

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